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  • Q: What is WCAG? Is it the same as Section 508? A: No, WCAG and Section 508 are different. WCAG is an acronym that stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These

  • Apple won a decisive victory on Friday in a lawsuit against Samsung, a verdict that will give Apple ammunition in a far-flung patent war with its global competitors in t

  •   HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features that enable developers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed, performance, and experience of deskt

  • Multicultural Marketing Relevance in a World of Diversity Understanding consumer behavior is the key to any successful marketing campaign in today’s multicultural, diver

  • It’s the way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browsers and on mobile devices. Responsive architecture gives the best quality brows

  • Discover + Define + Design + Develop + Optimize   Understanding your business is always the first priority. Who are your customers? Who’s using your application? Th

  • Ethnographic research (Contextual Inquiry) is an UX technique in which research occurs at the real world location where the experience is intended to occur. This approac

  • Customer experience management is the art and science of managing all customer interactions across all touch points. Customer experience is measured as the total value p

  • A frequent mistake in UX Customer Research is generalizing a finding from a conversation to the audience at large.   The customer journey – the path from prospectin