IP Targeting Marketing

Targeted digital advertising that works!


We innovate for today’s digital challenges by focusing on insights, interactions and integrations. Those innovations that make extraordinary things happen for brands and their customers.

Conundrum Media offers direct mail like features in digital advertising. Through our patent-pending technology we target digital ads to your customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet.

  • IP Targeting

    No cookies or geolocation needed

  • Digital Broadcast

    Target IP address of any venue

  • IP Match Analysis

    Accurate ROI with sales records

    • Targeting without having to use cookies, census blocks or geolocation tools. Patent-pending technology combines more than 30 public data elements to hyper accurately map an IP address to a home address with greater than 95 percent accuracy.


    • Capability to also target ads to your target consumer as well as the sites they like to visit. We can run ads on a customer’s choice of 1,000,000 websites with 30-50 billion impressions daily.


    • Flexibility to add conversion pixels and re-marketing pixels.


    • Privacy IDs assigned to every customer.


    • Integration with existing active customer address lists.


    • Automatic blocking of adult and low quality spam sites.


    • Continuously updating reporting metrics, including exposure, clicks, conversions.


    • Post-campaign match-back analysis to determine which addresses were most productive.


    • Mobile phone targeting by location in high value buildings and addresses.


    • IP-Targeted Video advertising.


Robust analytics to help understand consumer behavior.


Instead of focusing on the standard impressions, we focus on real world outcomes, which for most of our clients results in doubling their advertising effectiveness. We offer a variety of key metrics and tools, including:

Did your intended target log on and see the ad? If so, how often and for how long were they exposed to the ad?

And, what was the open rate of the advertising?

When a campaign period is finished, we match back our IP addresses with your website and landing page activity to determine which IP addresses were targeted by the advertising, and what affect that had on your ultimate outcomes. At this time we are able to calculate the “percentage lift” in the campaign that the advertising provided.

We can also follow the customized pixels our clients place on their advertisements, generating reports on the remarketing and conversion pixels clients wish to place on their landing pages and websites.

What happened once the customer clicked on the ad? How many times did they go to your landing page? Did they download your special report, or make a purchase on your website? We customize those metrics to our client’s specific metrics.

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