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Tell your story. Leave a lasting impression

We believe that noteworthy design has the power to change the way the world views and interacts with your product. For this reason, we offer a broad range of design services to advance your brand’s vision. Whether you are looking to start from the ground up or refresh your look, we analyze all aspects of your brand to maximize your business potential and translate your vision throughout every touch-point.

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Positioning Your Brand For Success

To optimize the impact and investment in your company’s success, Conundrum Media provides creative services to help you develop best practices across your organization. We help to establish your Brand’s philosophy, ideal target audience, identify key competitors (competitive analysis), define marketing goals and strategy. Our creative solutions focus on uncovering opportunities and building brand consistency.

Lets Optimize Your Packaging Program

A functional and efficient packaging program begins by identifying components that maximizes the total brand experience, satisfies specific functionalities, logistics and budget. We understand the need to develop an effective program that meets these rigorous requirements. For instance, do you have several sizes of bags and boxes? Are the materials you’re using compliant with local regulations (eg: California’s Proposition 65)? Could you better optimize your packaging design to save money? We sometimes ask difficult questions to ensure your packaging program meets your business goals, so you can focus on maximizing profitability.


Graphic Design

We love print. Whether it’s a design on your packaging, or a lookbook for next season’s vision, a well-crafted design creates memorable connections that will elevate your brands identity. Conundrum Media will determine the most effective printing technique, and execute design to align with your brand. This attention to detail results in tangible emotional connections that inevitably reinforce your brand promise.

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